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March Favorites - The Heights Concert Band performs works from Sousa, Fillmore, Wood, King, Morris, Boorn, Bagleyu, Huffine, Parker, Duble and Rkichards

Drum Cadence/American Legion

The Thunder

Men of Ohio

Queen City

Them Basses

Pan American

Washington Post

Three Ring Circus

The Heightsmen

His Majesty


Desert Storm

Emblem of Unity

Fifty Kingdoms

National Emblem


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Ken C. Wood, Euphonium Soloist with The an All Star Band - This album was recorded on January 16th, 1982 in the Queen Anne Auditorium of the Prince Georges Community College, Prince Georges County, Maryland. The eight selections were rehearsed and recorded in on five hour session. It was remastered difitally for release on CD in December 1999.

1. Carnical of Venice, Herbert L. Clarke

2. My Regards, Edward B. Llewellyn

3. If I loved You fro Carousel, Richard Rodgers

4. Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, Edwin Frankco Goldman

5. All Those Endearing You Charms, Simon Mantia

6. Grandfather's Clock, George Doughty

7. Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes, Ken C. Wood

8. A Night in June, Karl L. King